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  • Ryan J. Gerardi

    Ryan J. Gerardi

    “The Tao is like an empty bowl, which in being used can never be filled up.” — Lao Tzo

  • Mukhtar Ahmed

    Mukhtar Ahmed

  • Christian Soschner

    Christian Soschner

    Entrepreneur | Passionate Writer | Mindset Coach | Martial Artist | Lifelong Learner | Avid Reader | Investor | Speaker | http://Linktr.ee/soschner

  • Olivia Udagawa

    Olivia Udagawa

  • Sumit kumar gaur

    Sumit kumar gaur

  • Katerina Stoyanovska

    Katerina Stoyanovska

    Global HR Expert, Leadership Enthusiast, Self-Development Devotee, Cross-Functional HR Consultant

  • Florian Salihovic

    Florian Salihovic

    Entrepreneur · Machine learning and software engineering for bread and butter

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