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Why Is Screen Time Parenting So Hard?

Parenting is difficult and messy enough. By intentionally keeping our kids off screens for extended periods of time, we are making it even harder. Creating more parenting work for ourselves than we would like.

It’s not peaceful in our house when the kids are off their screens.

They constantly pester…

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How young is too young to lose the innocence of childhood? To discover that the world could be an ugly and dangerous place?

When my 10-year old daughter got an iPad for her birthday, we were excited to check out her favorite cat videos on YouTube together. We turned on the iPad, opened Safari browser, and I typed the letter Y in the address box. Autosuggestion filled out the rest.

Emotionally Fragile Online Self
Image by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

At the first sign of a feeling they reach for the phone. Boredom is the most frequent emotion, but there are others: anger, sadness, fear. When uncomfortable feelings arise, they take an easy way out:

  • The feeling is expelled out of the system into a social media post, or
  • The…

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Mom of 3, practitioner of the craft of screen time. Founded the blog to help protect human well-being from the power of addictive tech.

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