Digital Addiction and ADHD: a Toxic Combination
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Honest Definition of Our Parental Fear

The Problem

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Why Is Screen Time Parenting So Hard?

It’s not peaceful in our house when the kids are off their screens.

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Keep me from paying attention to what is worthless. (Psalm 119:37, The Bible)

Filter Out What You Can Do Without

Selective ignorance is the practice of ignoring distracting and useless information.

Protect Your Time

The Cost of “Being Informed”

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How young is too young to lose the innocence of childhood? To discover that the world could be an ugly and dangerous place?


Dirt in Your Digital Footprint: Online Reputation
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What happens when there is dirt in your digital footprint?

“I Did Not Mean It!” is Not an Excuse

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Comparison Trap

Both the ego inflated by “I am better than…

Emotionally Fragile Online Self
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all seeing eye internet of things beware the surveillance

The Trojan Horse of Surveillance

Designed to destroy the sanctuary of our home and our body.

Tools for Distraction and Cheating

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Let’s face it — our children are distracted.

All the time while pretending to do “homework”. Getting their fake “education”.

TechDetox Mom

Mom of 3, practitioner of the craft of screen time. Founded the blog to help protect human well-being from the power of addictive tech.

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