Why kids don’t want to go back to school screen addiction and social anxiety techdetoxbox.com

After a long pandemic screen time binge, schools have reopened. Why do some kids refuse to go back?

I know, it’s politically incorrect to say this. We are supposed to use proper words, like ”school refusal” and “social anxiety”.

I am just pointing out the elephant in the room.


Digital Addiction and ADHD: a Toxic Combination techdetoxbox.com
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Honest Definition of Our Parental Fear

  • Impulsivity, short attention span, and inability to delay gratification are the symptoms of ADHD;
  • They are re-enforced in the child’s brain by too much screen time, AND
  • It will ruin their lives, compromising education, career and relationships.

I have a child with ADHD. He is obsessed with screens. …

My kids playing “Minecraft”, image from TechDetoxBox.com

Why Is Screen Time Parenting So Hard?

Parenting is difficult and messy enough. By intentionally keeping our kids off screens for extended periods of time, we are making it even harder. Creating more parenting work for ourselves than we would like.

It’s not peaceful in our house when the kids are off their screens.

They constantly pester…

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Keep me from paying attention to what is worthless. (Psalm 119:37, The Bible)

Filter Out What You Can Do Without

In the world where every piece of content is designed to steal your time and manipulate your mind, selective ignorance can help you stay productive, independent — and sane.

Selective ignorance is the practice of ignoring distracting…

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When my 10-year old daughter got an iPad for her birthday, we were excited to check out her favorite cat videos on YouTube together. We turned on the iPad, opened Safari browser, and I typed the letter Y in the address box. Autosuggestion filled out the rest.

Dirt in Your Digital Footprint: Online Reputation techdetoxbox.com
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My daughter came home from school one day and exclaimed: “Mom, you wouldn’t believe what happened today!”

Some boys in her grade had a bright idea to respond to a TikTok challenge to vandalize school property and completely trashed a boys’ bathroom. …

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“Being enough is an inside job” (Anne Lamott)

Comparison Trap

Social comparison is the name of the game on social media. The race is on to accomplish perfection in the world where everyone seems superior. …

Emotionally Fragile Online Self
Image by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

At the first sign of a feeling they reach for the phone. Boredom is the most frequent emotion, but there are others: anger, sadness, fear. When uncomfortable feelings arise, they take an easy way out:

  • The feeling is expelled out of the system into a social media post, or
  • The…
all seeing eye internet of things beware the surveillance

The Trojan Horse of Surveillance

If you value your freedom, consider keeping your home “dumb”. Smart devices are all the rage, but the privacy policies of Internet of Things (IoT) reveal them for what they really are — the Trojan horse of surveillance.

Designed to destroy the sanctuary of our home and our body.


Tools for Distraction and Cheating

Smartphones at schools wreck our children’s education and destroy their capacity to learn. Teachers stand no chance against YouTube and Instagram.

The phone with all its distractions is accepted as a necessary evil, and is integrated as an education “tool”. …

TechDetox Mom

Mom of 3, practitioner of the craft of screen time. Founded the blog www.TechDetoxBox.com to help protect human well-being from the power of addictive tech.

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